Wine & Pisco Tour Ica

Duration: 3 hrs

location: Huacachina, Ica

Price: 18 USD or 60 soles

Ica is surrounded for a desert and a valley, and it is also the most important location in Peru for the production of red wine and a Peruvian brandy called “pisco.” Pisco is a very strong liquor, and is considered the national drink of Peru. When mixed with certain ingredients, you can get fabulous cocktails as Pisco Sour.

In this Wine and Pisco Tour, we will visit two vineyards. The first vineyard is a small, family-run bussines where Pisco and traditional red wine is produced using the same techniques that were used by the descendants of the Spanish Conquerors. We can know the clay jars known as “botijas” where the juice of crushed grapes is fermenting during March (harvest time), Our tour guide will explain you how this family make Pisco and traditional wine using the same techniques from one hundred years ago.

We will also visit a modern vineyard that produces huge volumes of white and red wine and of course Pisco. They use modern techniques, and export their products to other countries.

At both vineyards, you will taste Pisco and wine, this is included in the price of this tour, there is a chance for lunch (not included) in one of these vineyards that prepare typical food from the region.

This tour includes:

  • Transport from your hotel in Ica/Huacachina to the vineyards. 

  • Around 10 samples of wine, pisco and cocktails.

  • Visit to two vineyards.

  • Tour guide.

This tour does not include:

  • Entrance fee to Tacama  (20 soles per person).

  • Tips for the tour guide (Optional).

  • Meals.

Departure time and duration:

  • This tour has many departs from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

       Note: We do this tour every single day

What you need to bring:

  • Cash for snacks, meals, etc (optional)

  •  Sunglasses.

  •  Running shoes.

  • Sunscreen. 

100% secured payment


470 soles


1 hr

80 soles


100% secured payment


8 hrs


45 soles

3 hrs


100% secured payment

8 hrs


369 soles


100% secured payment

100% secured payment



60 soles

2 hrs


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